The German based framas group with production sites in Germany, Korea, Indonesia, China and Vietnam is the world s leading supplier for developing and manufacturing plastic components for the shoe, especially the sport shoe industry. The product range covers shoe lasts, insole boards, heelcounters, outsoles and decorative parts, but framas is also producing plastic components for other industries. The main customers of framas are worldwide known shoe brands.

Drawer mould racking is designed to store the moulds of any kinds. The top board is fixed, others can be drawn out, so the moulds can be lifted and moved away by crane.
The roller tracks of Drawer Racking are installed under the board, labour is saved in pulling the boards even if the boards bearing heavy weight.
Mould Drawer Racking features
+ The top roof is fixed,the others can be pulled out,so that the goods can be Lifted and moved away by crane
+ Uniquely designed linkage device makes the deck board a little bit declined while being pulled out or pushed in to save labor
+ Vinarack device guarantees the operation safety
+ Can load more than 5 tons floor shelves
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