Mezzanine Floors system allows you to change empty overhead space into usable storage areas. Depending on the size of your facility, mezzanine can be one, two more level high. These storage structures of for you to leverage potential storage space without having to pay for expensive relocation or reconstruction costs Vinarack mezzanine can be integrated in to existing racking systems and are designed with stability versatility concept.

Although a mezzanine structure can be bolted to an existing building for support, it can also be easily relocated to another facility if your storage requirements change. Further more mezzanine can be custom designed to suit your particular needs because we never assume that one size fits all.

Facts About Mezzanine Racking Systems

+ Operation using combined forkifts with trolleys and hand loading & unloading
+ Mezzanine can be one, two or more levels
+ I deal for using standard pallet racks supporting the mezzanine.
+ Another of mezzanine containing racks on it
+ Quick and easy to assemble
+ The mezzanine is supported directly from the pallet racking using steel joist with either hot dipped of galvanized floor mesh or timber decking . Structural steel staircases provide safe access to upper levels which are protected by hand and knee rails and Kickboards around all open sides of the mezzanine.

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