Bao Chanh desired
* We listen, learn, creative and innovative to bring the greatest benefit to customers
* Transparency, integrity, reputation management in business
* A professional working environment to create the loyalty to workers and employees
* Concerned and responsible community

For Customers
Professional - Honest - Enthusiasm
 * Professionalism: Attitude for fun, gentle, neat dress according to the company, am understanding of the work and high professional qualifications
* Honesty: For customers to be honest, not lying, not cheating
* Enthusiasm: Always in the ready to serve customers, happy to answer all questions, requests from clients within the information you have
For work
Creativity - Innovation - voluntarily - Accepting all challenges and difficulties
* Creation: Always thinking, finding solutions to solve the problem so convenient, fast and most beneficial to the company
* Innovation: Always ask the question "What is the solution to do the job better"
* Self-sense: actively looking for work in accordance with the capabilities and functionality in charge and actively explore and study co-workers or superiors
Accept all challenges and difficulties: the difficulty of getting the initiative yourself, always with companies in all manufacturing operations, business
For colleagues
Respect - Solidarity - Partnership - Frankly - Honesty - Learning and the professional development
* Respect: Mass of the superior, gentle colleague, not bad peers or superiors when there are disagreements of opinion
* Unity: Willing to share information and experiences with colleagues, form a stable block links
* Cooperation: Willingness to support colleagues to complete the work assigned
* Frankly: Feedback to colleagues with the aim of building better and better
* Honesty: not lying, sophisticated in communicating with colleagues
* Study and career development with: Always watch who your colleagues, teachers to jointly share information and cooperate in the work, together build a company to develop and contribute to improve expertise.


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